This website is supporting my book “Mechanics of Solid Polymers – Theory and Computational Modeling”. I have been working for close to 20 years as a consultant helping companies solve problems related to how polymers (rubbers, thermoplastics, thermosets, biomaterials, etc) behave in different environments. Through this work, and during my time doing research at MIT, I realized that there is a lack of good information for both students and people in industry who are trying to perform accurate finite element (FE) simulations of polymers. To overcome this I created the website, I created the PolyUMod user-material model software library, the MCalibration software for calibrating different material models, and also started to give training classes on how to perform accurate FE simulations of all types of polymers. Despite these efforts I noticed that there is still a lot of misinformation about material models for polymers, so I wrote the Mechanics of Solid Polymers book to show that with the right knowledge and tools it is now possible to accurately predict the response of ALL polymers. The book is very comprehensive and I am excited to have it available for anyone to read.